Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Truth About Remus Lupin

* Originally posted 10/16/2013

This is my rebuttal to some of the stuff about Lupin, with actual TEXTUAL evidence. All page numbers refer to the US Hardcover editions.

Harry Potter Fandom Issues

*Orignially posted in mid 2013.

For those who don't know, here is my summary of the bullying of Harry/Hermione shippers, and JKR's fan empire of bullying and fundamentalism.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Severus Snape is NOT A Sadist

* Originally posted on 7/6/2013

This is another rant about people's treatment of Snape. I'm getting extremely tired of being told that Sev is a sadist. He's not.

Nothing I'm saying in this rant hasn't been noted by other Snape fen, you can find all of these points in my favorite essays. But I want to consolidate them here.

The definition of a sadist is "someone who obtains pleasure from inflicting pain on others". Severus is the opposite of a sadist, going out of his way to save people from harm or pain. We have plenty of scenes to prove that, although most HP fans don't agree.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Severus and Love

*Originally posted on 5/1/2013

I've always thought that to love Severus is to love Lily. Even though I greatly prefer stories where/personally like to believe that that love is NOT romantic.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Appendix: Action Elves Are Canon

*Many people seem to think that Legolas's stunts in the films are over-the-top, and deserving of scorn. They say that such stunts are a deviation from Tolkien. This list is to show that the contrary is true – Tolkien created and used such 'action elves'. It is, in fact, an inherent part of being an elf.*

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Arwen Undómiel

*This essay is a part of my 'Tolkien and Gender' series. You must read my Intro before reading this essay.*

Arwen is my favorite character, and I identify with her strongly. In fact, I became a Tolkien fan because of her. Yes, you read that right. Arwen is an amazing character, and I find the way a lot of people frequently interpret her incredibly problematic.

Most people say that 'she doesn't do anything' and that she is 'passive' or 'submissive'. Passive means “accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance.” Submit means “to yield or surrender (oneself) to the will or authority of another.” They mean that Arwen does nothing to assert herself, influence events around her, or change her place in life. That she is, in short, a trophy bride.

Nothing could be further from the truth. With as little page time as Arwen has, she has quite an active role and an enormous effect on the plot.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Harmony Moments in Deathly Hallows

Originally posted 10/10/2013

As a diehard Harry Potter fan, like most, I have been pulled into the world of shipping. I have been a Harry/Hermione fan from the beginning, and will defend them to the death. However, unlike some of my fellow Harmonians, Deathly Hallows is my favorite book. I have read – and loved – essays that have gone through one of the books and pulled all the Harmony parts. This has been done for every book (yes, even Half-Blood Prince). I decided to do one for Deathly Hallows because it is my favorite book.

All page numbers refer to the US hardback editions. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Defending Hermione: Hermione Jean Granger in Half-Blood Prince

Originally posted 4/20/2013

A lot of Harmony shippers (and maybe others, I'm not sure) have thought that Hermione's character was butchered, regressed, destroyed for OBHWF, etc. That we were dealing with an entirely new character, not our Hermione. I disagree. Don't misunderstand me, I am a die-hard Harmony shipper, and HBP is my least favorite of all the books. (All page numbers refer to the US hardcover editions. All quotes are from HBP unless otherwise specified.)

Only Several Sunlit Days: The Ultimate Anti Harry/Ginny Essay

Originally posted 1/5/2013

* This is a heavily revised and expanded version of my original Anti Harry/Ginny essay. I've pulled the other one offline. I was greatly inspired by Darynthe's antiHarry/Ginny essay, written after the fifth book. This wouldn't have been possible without the inspiration that essay gave me.
We have all read the books. We know who ends up with whom. But a lot of fans, including me, are not happy with the way the relationships worked out. This is my essay on the Harry/Ginny relationship and why it would not work out in the end. Now, to start off I would like to say that I don't hate Ginny, I don't think she's a slut, etc. Overall, I'm indifferent to her. She's not my favorite character and she's not my least favorite.
The reason I don't like this pairing is because they have nothing substantial. So now I'm going to take you through their relationship through quotes from the books. When you see this: …... it means that I took out part of the scene that has no relevance, or I've skipped to a new place in the chapter.
Also, I know that J.K. Rowling has been planning their relationship from the beginning, that the first scene at Kings Cross was supposed to set up Harry/Ginny and Hermione/Ron. But J.K. Rowling's opinion is just that – her opinion. We all view things differently, we all have our own versions of the characters, and we all have our own opinions on the characters and the things that happen. When it comes to the actual texts, her opinion doesn't matter any more than ours does. Just because she is the author doesn't mean that her interpretation and opinion automatically outweighs anyone else's. In fact, her opinion often contradicts what was written in the books. So, her opinion holds no weight in this essay. I will not be including anything from her interviews. The only thing I will be working with is the published text.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tauriel of the Woodland Realm

*This essay is a part of my 'Tolkien and Gender' series. You must read my Intro before reading this essay. This essay was updated after the BotFA Extended Edition was released.*

I'm writing this essay because of all the conversations revolving around Tauriel. There have been many outraged posts about how Tauriel is sexist. Frankly, they make me feel sad. Because there is nothing sexist about Tauriel. I feel sad because people are taking all of the rage and hurt they have gotten from being mistreated by the Patriarchy, to enforce the Patriarchy.

Let me repeat, there is nothing sexist about Tauriel. Raging about her only ingrains sexism deeper into our psyche.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Appendix: Fair

*This is a list of most quotes that use the word “fair” in a way that means something other than physical beauty within LotR. I have compiled this list because it is one of my key points in the frequent misunderstandings of Tolkien's writing style.*

Monday, February 23, 2015

For the Love of the Lord of the White Tree: Legolas and Aragorn's Friendship

I wrote this essay because I love the friendship between Legolas and Aragorn as much as I love the Arwen/Aragorn ship – which is saying something! It infuriates me that the friendship between Legolas and Aragorn not only gets overlooked most of the time, but that some people even outright deny that it is canon.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Introduction to the 'Tolkien and Gender' Series

The idea for this series came to me when I was writing the end of my Éowyn essay. Tolkien faces a lot of criticism from people for supposedly being 'sexist' in his works. Overall, Tolkien's works are not sexist. I agree it is very problematic that only 18% of the characters are female

However, Tolkien's works take a very refreshing and nuanced look at sexism, and this has been largely overlooked or dismissed.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Elves and the Unseen Plane

This is all about the Unseen Plane, especially as it relates to Elves. Gandalf's comments in “Many Meetings” makes it clear that the 'wraith-world' and the 'unseen plane' are the same world. What do we know about this Plane, and what do we know about its relation to Elves and Men?

Aragorn and Elrond's Relationship

For me, one of the most heart wrenching parts of LotR is the relationship between Aragorn and Elrond (alright, there are a lot of heart wrenching parts, this is just one of them). I do not agree with comparing Elrond to Thingol, because the situations are completely different. However, I don't believe that everything was alright between them.

Éowyn: The White Lady of Rohan

*This essay is a part of my 'Tolkien and Gender' series. You must read my Intro before reading this essay. This essay is what inspired me to write the series.*

When discussing Tolkien, gender, and feminism, very few characters are as talked about as Éowyn. Understanding her character arc is crucial to understanding the systematic damnation of sexism that is present in the majority of Tolkien's works.

Without further ado, let's start!

The Definitions of Abuse

It is clear that there are a lot of people out there who don't understand what abuse is. Therefore, I've made this essay to define it. See also my companion essay on Relationship Do's.

All About Feminism and (American) Society

*Trigger Warnings: We're going to be talking about bodies, sex, rape, etc. Some “vulgar” or “explicit” words will be used.*

Oh dear, you're probably saying. An essay on feminism and society? 

I am well aware that this is a confusing, overwhelming, and touchy topic for society. There are a lot of misconceptions out there about feminism; and there are a lot of 'feminists' who promote sexism. What I want to do is talk about all of that. Now, I'm going to be linking to other people's articles. I may not agree with every single word or idea in them, but I agree with the overall point, or the connection I specify. 

Relationship Do's

This is a companion piece to my essay on defining abuse. There I go over the things not to do in relationships. Here is a list of the articles that tell you exactly what to do, and what's truly important. Many of the points in these articles are true for any relationship; not just romantic ones. Therefore, they are relevant to everyone.

Aragorn's Timeline Issue

When reading the Appendixes, Aragorn's timeline gets very messed up.