Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Relationships Between Elves and Dwarves Throughout the Ages

*This essay follows my Tolkien Canon Policy. Anything that does not contradict the text(s) above it is considered canon. Lord of the Rings is the first tier; The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and The Children of H̼rin are the second tier (as all Рin some way Рwere not fully complete like LotR; however they are all individual books in their own right); and all other works and notes are in the third tier.

It may stand out to you that I do not use any quotes from The Hobbit in this essay. That is because this essay is about the bigger Middle-earth mythology, and The Hobbit was not written with the intention of being part of the bigger mythology, thus leading to numerous inconsistencies that cannot be reconciled. *

Many people seem to be confused about the depth of Gimli's feelings for Galadriel, especially in comparison to his friendship with Legolas. I have also seen much confusion on the matter of elf/dwarf history overall. It is a complicated matter that depends not only on what time in Middle-earth's history you are speaking of, but also on what clan of elf or dwarf you are speaking of.

Therefore, I have covered all elven and dwarven interaction throughout all of Middle-earth's history in this essay.