Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tauriel of the Woodland Realm

*This essay is a part of my 'Tolkien and Gender' series. You must read my Intro before reading this essay. This essay was updated after the BotFA Extended Edition was released.*

I'm writing this essay because of all the conversations revolving around Tauriel. There have been many outraged posts about how Tauriel is sexist. Frankly, they make me feel sad. Because there is nothing sexist about Tauriel. I feel sad because people are taking all of the rage and hurt they have gotten from being mistreated by the Patriarchy, to enforce the Patriarchy.

Let me repeat, there is nothing sexist about Tauriel. Raging about her only ingrains sexism deeper into our psyche.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Appendix: Fair

*This is a list of most quotes that use the word “fair” in a way that means something other than physical beauty within LotR. I have compiled this list because it is one of my key points in the frequent misunderstandings of Tolkien's writing style.*