Sunday, January 10, 2016

Legolas's Family History

This essay follows my Tolkien Canon Policy. Anything that does not contradict the text(s) above it is considered canon. Lord of the Rings is the first tier; The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, and The Children of H̼rin are the second tier (as all Рin some way Рwere not fully complete like LotR; however they are all individual books in their own right); and all other works and notes are in the third tier.

It may stand out to you that I do not use quotes from The Hobbit in this essay. That is because this essay is about the bigger Middle-earth mythology, and The Hobbit was not written with the intention of being part of the bigger mythology, thus leading to numerous inconsistencies that cannot be reconciled.

So I was reading an essay that argued for Thranduil and Celeborn being related (here; the author is called Gwed). Some of the information was inaccurate, but it got me thinking, and looking at the texts again. The implications I found were fascinating. Lets take a journey through elven history, shall we? (Bold is my emphasis)