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Appendix: Fair

*This is a list of most quotes that use the word “fair” in a way that means something other than physical beauty within LotR. I have compiled this list because it is one of my key points in the frequent misunderstandings of Tolkien's writing style.*

Gildor: “Seldom have we had such delight in strangers, and it is fair to hear words of the Ancient Speech from the lips of other wanderers in the world.” - Three is Company

There was a long silence. At last Frodo spoke with hesitation. “I believed that you were a friend before the letter came,” he said, “or at least I wished to. You have frightened me several times tonight, but never in the way that servants of the Enemy would, or so I imagine. I think one of his spies would - well, seem fairer and feel fouler, if you understand.”

I see,” laughed Strider. “I look foul and feel fair. Is that it? All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost.” - Strider

I will tell you the tale of Tinúviel,” said Strider, “in brief - for it is a long tale of which the end is not known; and there are none now, except Elrond, that remember it aright as it was told of old. It is a fair tale, though it is sad, as are all the tales of Middle-earth, and yet it may lift up your hearts.” - A Knife in the Dark

Thereupon Elrond paused a while and sighed. “I remember well the splendour of their banners,” he said. “It recalled to me the glory of the Elder Days and the hosts of Beleriand, so many great princes and captains were assembled. And yet not so many, not so fair, as when Thangorodrim was broken, and the Elves deemed that evil was ended for ever, and it was not so.”


We know not for certain,” answered Elrond sadly. “Some hope that the Three Rings, which Sauron has never touched, would then become free, and their rulers might heal the hurts of the world that he has wrought. But maybe when the One has gone, the Three will fail, and many fair things will fade and be forgotten. That is my belief.” - The Council of Elrond

The world was fair, the mountains tall,
In Elder Days before the fall – A Journey in the Dark

What other fairer way would you desire?” said Aragorn.


Not even to see fair Lothlórien?” said Haldir. “The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.”


At the hill's foot Frodo found Aragorn, standing still and silent as a tree; but in his hand was a small golden bloom of elanor, and a light was in his eyes. He was wrapped in some fair memory: and as Frodo looked at him he knew that he beheld things as they once had been in this same place. For the grim years were removed from the face of Aragorn, and he seemed clothed in white, a young lord tall and fair; and he spoke words in the Elvish tongue to one whom Frodo could not see. - Lothlórien

I thank you for your fair words,” said Aragorn, “and my heart desires to come with you; but I cannot desert my friends while hope remains.” - The Riders of Rohan

Almost he yielded to the desire for help and counsel, to tell this grave young man, whose words seemed so wise and fair, all that was in his mind. But something held him back.


Sam struggled with himself, arguing this way and that. “He may be all right,” he thought, “and then he may not. Fair speech may hide a foul heart.” He yawned.


Now look here, sir!” He turned, facing up to Faramir with all the courage that he could muster. “Don't you go taking advantage of my master because his servant's no better than a fool. You've spoken very handsome all along, put me off my guard, talking of Elves and all. But handsome is as handsome does we say. Now's a chance to show your quality.” - The Window on the West

Come! We will walk a little and then go find us some refreshment, and eat and drink on the battlement, and survey the fair morning.”


I am glad to learn it,” said Beregond, “for now I may say that strange accents do not mar fair speech, and hobbits are a fair-spoken folk.” - Minas Tirith

But at last she said: “Lords, you are weary and shall now go to your beds with such ease as can be contrived in haste. But tomorrow fairer housing shall be found for you.” - The Passing of the Grey Company

As Frodo stood upon the threshold, Elrond wished him a fair journey, and blessed him, and he said: - Many Partings

The next day at the hour of sunset Aragorn walked alone in the woods, and his heart was high within him; and he sang, for he was full of hope and the world was fair. - Appendix A

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