Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Mirkwood Family Headcanons

I thought I would share with you my personal headcanons for our beloved Mirkwood elves.

  • Tauriel was a baby when orphaned and doesn't remember her birth parents (because she treats Legolas and Thranduil like family, and behaves like she hasn't experienced personal loss before Kíli)
  • Thranduil named Tauriel (because her name means “daughter of the forest”, and that's noteworthy)
  • Tauriel's necklace was a coming of age gift from Thranduil, and it contains a starlight gem (its design)
  • Thranduil taught Tauriel and Legolas how to fight (they have the same fighting style and no other elf ever uses two blades)
  • Thranduil's fighting style is inherited from his childhood in Doriath (he is a Sindarin prince)
  • Thranduil gave Tauriel and Legolas their daggers as gifts (no evidence for this)
  • Thranduil shows he cares through actions, not words (almost all of his scenes)
  • Legolas's and his mother were out in the wood when orcs attacked them; she heard them coming and hid Legolas, before running in a different direction, leading the orcs away; she was captured and tortured to death in Gundabad; Legolas was a baby/toddler and has no memory of her (says so in film)
  • The White Gems of Lasgalen are family heirlooms of Thranduil's (“heirlooms of my people”) and came from Doriath (Thranduil's childhood home); Thranduil gave them to his wife as a gift; he found the necklace on the ground, broken, near a few dead orcs, at the spot where she was taken captive; he gave them to Thror to have the necklace fixed because his people didn't have skill to fix such craftsmanship from First Age dwarves.
  • Tauriel has a very mischievous side (her best friend/brother is the sassiest elf to ever live and she both banters with Kili and finds his prank on her funny).
  • Legolas's relationship with Aragorn is greatly influenced by having witnessed Tauriel's relationship with Kili (Legolas stays in Middle-earth until the end of Aragorn's life because he has seen that Tauriel's regret is as piercing as her grief).

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